Our Portfolio

2050 Mannheim LLC

Chicago, IL

2100 N. 15th Partners LLC

Chicago, IL

42nd TH LLC

Chicago, IL

Blaine Gary LLC

Gary, IN

Chaddick Partners LLC

Chicago, IL

Coconut Palm TH LLC

Miami, FL

Double Eagle TH LLC

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Enterprise TH LLC

Laredo, TX

Forest Edge TH LLC

Chicago, IL

Four Site Monitor LLC

Chicago, IL

Getwell TH LLC

Memphis, TN

Gun Club TH LLC

Jacksonville, FL

Hartman CTH LLC

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Imeson TH LLC

Jacksonville, FL

Mound Rd TH LLC

Chicago, IL

North Ave. TH LLC

Chicago, IL

North Texas Logistics Center LLC

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

NTP Miami 122nd CTH LLC

Miami, FL

Old Kings TH1 LLC

Jacksonville, FL

Pershing 4975 TH LLC

Chicago, IL

Pershing Terminal LLC

Chicago, IL

Pritchard TH LLC

Jacksonville, FL

Soutel TH LLC

Jacksonville, FL

Wilbarger TH LLC

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

Wintergreen TH LLC

Dallas-Fort Worth, TX

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Timber Hill targets some of the most active logistic corridors in the United States. Target markets are identified using metrics and statistics related to population, highway access, ecommerce distribution growth, port growth, rail capacity and utilization, and zoned land supply constraints.

South Florida
Dallas-Fort Worth

...Open to Expansion in New Markets

Acquire, Reposition & Develop


Our focus is on logistics and supply-chain related Industrial Outdoor Storage (IOS) assets. Properties are in established industrial locations of major metropolitan markets with high-volume transportation linkages for trucking, rail, shipping and air cargo.
Timberhill Group


IOS facilities including:

  • Managed Truck Parking Facilties
  • Outdoor Storage Yards
  • Cross-Dock Truck Terminals
  • Line Haul Facilities (with Truck Repair amenities)

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E-commerce’s promise of next-day and same-day delivery. Large and deep pool of users including some of the world’s biggest corporations.

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High barriers to entry from zoning and land availability. Scarcity of sites properly zoned for IOS use and Not-In-My-Backyard (Nimby-ism) constraining new development opportunities.

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